Galician nationalism. Democracy and Country

The nature of our political identity as Galicians may be expressed by means of a single word: nation. This simple word is a signifier which embraces a concept devised in the field of social sciences, its origin being in social-historic realities endowed with certain attributes common to all. Therefore, in that semantic dimension, it is a term which belongs to the field of scientific metalanguage, and not a word of common speech, however widespread its use in common speech may be. Well, Galicia’s social-historic reality fits this concept, and fulfils the requirements which identify it as a nation. Thus, if we apply strictly the conceptual categories of social sciences, and among these, of politics, denying the national identity of Galicia at this stage in time is nonsense; either one is denying the existence of social-political realities which may be defined as national, or Galicia is doubtless one of these.